About Volcano


You can now find us at:

Mersey House, 1 Church Street.Bootle L20 1AF


Volcano Wood Fuels is the UK's leading retailer, wholesaler and distributor of Wood Pellets,

Wood Briquettes and other types of Wood Fuel including restaurant quality Lumpwood Charcoal as well as Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding.

We also have Heat Logs, Kindling, Kiln Dried Netted Logs and Seasoned Logs here too.

We deliver all over the UK - every day, and have market leading wood pellet prices.

We are now in our third year of offering blown deliveries of the very best premium wood pellets, so if you're a commercial or domestic user,

looking to buy in bulk for your boiler or stove, call us now and we'll do the rest. 


Not only do we have wood pellets for sale, we also offer other types of wood fuel including:

Wood Briquettes

Lumpood Charcoal

Restaurant Charcoal

Horse Bedding Wood Pellets

Heat Logs

Kindling and Kiln Dired Logs