Bulk and Blown Wood Pellets

Blown Wood Pellet Deliveries

We are now in our 3rd year of making UK-wide blown wood pellet deliveries to domestic and commercial customers. We offer a no-fuss super friendly service, excellent prices, quick delivery and the best communication in the business regarding delivery times. Call or email us, tell us your postcode and how many tonnes you want, and we will give you a price.

We have supplied tens of thousands of tonnes of premium wood pellets over the years to thousands of repeat customers, and we wouldnt have done that and keep doing it if we weren't good at what we do.

We go beyond ENplus -  ENplus was developed by pellet producers and pellet manufacturers, so it is obviously biased in that way. The Volcano guarantee gives you more protection, and a better quality service.

  • Volcano will always tell you the name of the brand of the pellets we will be delivering.
  • Volcano will always deliver the same brand of pellets each time we deliver.
  • Volcano offer free pellet quality testing in case of problems
  • Volcano will only supply UK manufactured premium wood pellets 

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